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 Major in Decision Analytics – First and Only in Hong Kong

The world is now experiencing a proliferation of digitized data whose volume, variety and velocity continue to reach unprecedented levels. Capturing and analyzing data have tremendously influenced how decisions are made and how resources are allocated in various fields, as the accuracy of data processing can affect the results variably.

With 'Big Data' being one of the most popular topics of conversation in town, the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science sees the growing importance of high-performance analytics and the needs of the society for talents in this area. Therefore, it is pleased to launch a new major ‘Decision Analytics’ from 2015-2016 onwards – the first and only Major in Decision Analytics in Hong Kong.

The new Major in Decision Analytics will provide a comprehensive study for students to equip themselves with the necessary expertise in leveraging and managing ‘big data’ in real time and to acquire a competitive advantage in becoming vital assets of any organisations which need to make decisions.


 What is Decision Analytics?

Not content with mere accumulation of colossal amount of data in multiple data stores and abundant formats, Decision Analytics enables us to examine, translate and classify the data, uncover hidden patterns and unknown correlations, and, most importantly, pinpoint precisely the most critical areas and the implications suggested by the data.

Decision Analytics involves extensive analysis of data, which may be structured or unstructured, using different techniques and tools including but not limited to statistical analysis, data mining and data visualization, computer programming, data structuring, mathematical and statistical modelling and implementation of database systems.

Useful information can then be extracted and used as a strategic part of critical decision-making or resource allocation for the best course of action at minimal risk.



As one of the 16 Majors in the 6901 Bachelor of Science (BSc) Programme, Decision Analytics is the most comprehensive major locally that integrates computer technologies and statistical techniques to analyze data and formulate data-driven strategies.


The following are the features of HKU Major in Decision Analytics:

  • Comprised of a wide range of Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics courses to give a well-balanced curriculum in terms of interdisciplinarity and comprehensiveness
  • Emphasise the fundamentals of the subject, helping students to develop essential intellectual capacity to face new challenges and resolve new problems in the future
  • Equip students with not only intellectual competency but also critical thinking skills through a broad coverage of contemporary topics
  • Apply virtually to all kinds of disciplines, including but not limited to: science, social science, education, engineering, medicine, health care, environmental protection, economics, business, marketing, etc.
  • A Statistical Computer Laboratory is especially designed with high-end servers for teaching and learning purposes, e.g. cloud computing, complex data analysis, simulation of real-life processes, etc.
     Study Programme Total number of students in 2017-18
     6901 Bachelor of Science (Major in Decision Analytics) 75
Updated on NOV 6, 2017

 Curriculum 2015-16

In the first and/or second year of their study, students will first learn the introductory level core courses to first build up the necessary foundation for understanding the underlying theories of Decision Analytics, in relation to a broad range of related disciplinary academic or professional areas.

Subsequently, students will take advanced level core courses and electives starting from their third year of study. The advanced level course list is drawn from a wide range of Statistics courses, supplemented with courses in Computer Science and Mathematics, taught by the respective departments. The courses will provide students with solid training in diverse and applied techniques used in Decision Analytics.

Students are encouraged to complete a spread of courses across disciplines and fields of inquiry in their elective choices.


Required Courses (96 credits)

  1. Introductory Level Courses (48 credits)

  2. Science Foundation Courses (12 credits)
    SCNC1111 Scientific method and reasoning (6)
    SCNC1112 Fundamentals of modern science (6)

    Disciplinary Courses (36 credits)
    COMP1117 Computer programming (6)
    COMP2119 Introduction to data structures and algorithms (6)
    MATH1013 University mathematics II (6)
    MATH2014 Multivariable calculus and linear algebra (6)
    STAT2601 Probability and statistics I (6)
    STAT2602 Probability and statistics II (6)

  1. Advanced Level Courses (42 credits)

  2. COMP3278 Introduction to database management systems (6)
    MATH3904 Introduction to optimization (6)
    STAT3600 Linear statistical analysis (6)
    STAT3612 Data mining (6)
    STAT4609 Big data analytics (6)

    Plus at least 12 credits from:
    COMP3250 Design and analysis of algorithms (6)
    COMP3270 Artificial intelligence (6)
    COMP3323 Advanced database systems (6)
    COMP3407 Scientific computing (6)
    MATH3408 Computational methods and differential equations with applications (6)
    MATH3600 Discrete mathematics (6)
    MATH3601 Numerical analysis (6)
    MATH3901 Operations research I (6)
    STAT3616 Advanced SAS programming (6)
    STAT3620 Modern nonparametric statistics (6)
    STAT3621 Statistical data analysis (6)
    STAT3622 Data visualization (6)
    STAT4601 Time series analysis (6)
    STAT4602 Multivariate data analysis (6)

  1. Capstone Requirement (6 credit)

  2. At least 6 credits selected from the following courses:

    STAT3799 Directed studies in statistics (6)
    STAT4710 Capstone experience for statistics undergraduates (6)
    STAT4766 Statistics internship (6)
    STAT4799 Statistics project (12)

Please visit the Science Faculty’s website for the online syllabus of Major in Decision Analytics.


 Who should take Decision Analytics?

The Major in Decision Analytics is ideal for students whose interest in statistics, mathematics and computer science crosses over disciplinary divides and combines high-level analytical skills in decision-making and problem-solving.

It is also an ideal second major for those pursuing degrees in science, social sciences, information systems, business and quantitative finance.


 Internship Programme

Please click here for more information about the Department’s Internship Programme.



# We are now in the middle of updating the scholarship regulations with the inclusion of 'Major in Decision Analytics' in the terms, subject to the University's approval.


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